Take full control of your First Southern debit cards within your First Southern mobile banking app!  Adjust your personal card settings to  control when, where, and how your card is used right on your phone or tablet.  Whether you're looking to stop certain types of transactions, limit per-transaction spending, turn your card on and off, or if you just want to be notified on card activity, First Southern gives you the certainty and security you need. Debit Card Management is FREE for First Southern customers within the First Southern Mobile Banking App. 


Take CONTROL of all of your First Southern debit card spending!

  • Instantly TURN A CARD OFF if it's lost, stolen, or is being misused.
  • Set a specific SPENDING LIMIT on your transactions.
  • GET AN ALERT every time a card is used.
  • DECLINE in-store or online transactions based upon your settings.
  • Set your cards so they can be used only when your mobile device is nearby, and restrict purchases to certain types of stores and merchants.
  • CONTROL debit cards for your dependents.
  • SET travel alerts.

For more details, click here: Card Management Guide